Rosa Pepe’s farm is located within the “Valle del Calore” – Cilento’s national park, and the municipality of Castel San Lorenzo (SA).

It is a small multi-functional farm typical of the internal areas, whose total area is approximately 4 hectares.

It consists of 4 plots, about 3km apart form each other.



The company headquarter is located in the San Paolo area of Castel San Lorenzo’s municipality.
The headquarter is composed by a small country house, ideal place where to regenerate and recover energy, and a small orchard mainly made up of chestnut trees. The land is slightly flat, an ideal place for relaxing walks alone or accompanied by dogs.

Not far away in the area of Coste Destre, there is woodland that was used in the past to supply the family with firewood or to impale vegetables.


The olive grove is about 3.5 KM away from the company headquarter and is located in Olivella, in the municipality of Roccadaspide.

It was created in 2003 and it reflects the varietal composition of the DOP Colline Salernitane: Carpellese, Frantoio, Rotondella, Nostrale, Leccino ext.
The implant wide 5 meters in the row and 5 meters between the rows, just enough space for the olive’s branches not to cross, the training system sused is the free pot. In regard to the orographic level the soil has a slight slope, which favors and facilitates the draining of the rainwater.
The soil is of medium texture, and in some places prevails the clay composition; this favors the formation of a natural lawn, rich in vegetables essences like leguminous plants.
The agronomic management is extremely rational and economic, removal of grassy turf and rainwaater management during the winter season in order to avoid water stagnation.
Leguminous plants represent the vegetation cover of the olive grove which contribute to the integraton of crop needs.
The phytosanitary defence, where necessary, is made with resistenca inductors and EM (Effective Microorganism). This is made to encourage as much as possible naturalness and a low introduction of syntetic products.
The Oil has a sweet taste; it owns as well a slight hint of bitter and spicy.


The vineyard is located in Farneta’s area, in the municipality of Castel San Lorenzo (SA).
The orography of the land is flat, it is located approximately at 150 meters above the sea level and is only 200m away from the Calore river. Implanted in 2003 it occupies an area wide approximately 6000 square meters. The vineyard is composed by 1700 vine plants, characterized by a planting height of 1.60 meters on the row and 2.50 meters between the rows. The training system is the modified double-modified Guyot.
Its varietal composition corresponds to the DOP Castel San Lorenzo: Barbera and Sangiovese’s grapes and 20 % from other vines such Cabernet de Sauvignon, donating to PepeRosso a peculiar flavor. The vineyard is inscribed partly with the IGP Paestum and Campania and partly with the DOC Castel San Lorenzo.
Azienda Agricola Rosa Pepe” has two wine-labels: “PepeRosso”, vinified as a red wine and “PepeRosso L’atteso” vinified as Paestum Rosso IGP (harvest year 2017).
The vineyard is mainly conducted by an organic modality, where it is necessary to intervene the action is taken with the help of integrated method and low environmental impact products. Every year on alternated rows is practiced the green bean-based manure in order to favor the covering of the soil, reducing the rain damages and at the same time enriching the soil with nitrogen and other important organic substances.